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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  February 24, 2024 2:00pm-4:00pm PST

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voting in this nikki haley trump children. good evening, i am jon scott and this is a special two hour addition of the fox report. ♪ in. ♪ >> polls show the former president trump heading into the race with a comfortable lead looking for his fourth straight win. amy is trying to convince voters who elected her governor twice she is the right candidate to be president biden in november. fox team coverage coming up : meredith with haley's campaign and alexandra half at trump's primary headquarters but first sources tell fox news a man suspected of killing a nursing student is an illegal immigrant caught crossing the border in 2022 and later released into the united states. josé was in court this morning facing murder charges. madison carpino has the latest on the investigation.
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>> but devastating last 48 hours for the entire community to say the least as you said it, his first court appearance this morning but the judge denied and bond voted it only lasted a few minutes, he was sitting there with public defender and a translator, he does not say anything but he did make eye contact and look around with people in the court. riley was murdered while she was just out on a run and all of this has students in the community concerned. >> this has been jarring for many of us exercise alone and especially female students. a lot of us feel safe during the day so this is a notion completely thrown out the window for us. >> georgia governor brian kemp sent a letter to the biden administration demanding information about how he entered the country. police say he did not know the nursing student enter : the
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murder a crime of opportunity. police revealed lakin riley died from blunt force trauma. warner says the official result of her autopsy won't be complete until monday earliest. he barrett in the country illegally is facing a long list of charges including malice murder, felony murder, hindering a 911 call. police say there is strong evidence against the suspected killer and video footage on campus was vital and catching him and riley's sister spoke out on social media calling riley her built-in best friend and calling her death unfair. we know there is a visual on campus scheduled for monday 3:00 p.m. and there is a fundraiser for riley's family has already reached 40000 dollars. >> a sad case. madison scarpino, thank you. we'll have more fox team coverage on the story later with
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bill melugin of the border and lucas tomlinson at the white house. ♪ former president trump expecting a big win tonight over nikki haley in her home state. trump on his way to the state capital city of columbia and watch result after speaking earlier today in washington. alexandra half live in columbia now. >> the trump campaign is very confident today what they believe they will have double digit victory this evening and they've already shifted their focus one 100% to the general election so because before polls even close the trump campaign earlier this week released a memo outlining the days and weeks ahead, two and a half to three and a half weeks they feel trump is going to secure delegates to secure the nomination. here in south carolina he's held on to a commanding lead 26 -- 33%, that's where the numbers go in terms of his lead over nikki haley and because of that the
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former president spent little time and money at the state compared to competitor but supports tell us that doesn't matter. the former president spent most of the day in the d.c. area and spoke at cpac and didn't acknowledge or mention nikki haley wants but did acknowledge the distance. >> now i'm going to the place i'm supposed to be, south carolina. >> for those of you from a beautiful place called south carolina vote for me now, get in your car and drive fast. >> they want the margin to be huge as he would put up. rob is expected to return to my for the watch party we are and he spoke with the clock black confederation. the gop chesa today about a total in this republican primary surpassed the democratic primary heard earlier this month. he believes a record will be broken. >> south carolina is a great presidential campaign. extradition and i expect we will see that continue.
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>> he saying he thinks the end of nikki haley's run will be in south carolina trump in the democratic party have been critical of nikki haley who says she welcomes all voters today and south carolina so long as a photo didn't participate in the democratic primary this month and the can't vote today. >> alexandra half, thank you. nikki haley's campaign, the former south carolina governor is not budging on her promise to keep campaigning no matter what tonight's results are. mark meredith live in charleston with more on that. >> good evening, the stage behind me is where nikki haley will address supporters later tonight whether or not this is a watch party or victory celebration, still to be determined. the haley campaign spent this week trying to keep her expectations low for how she could do it as many as possible haley could lose her home state but she's been up there including today talking to
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supporters, casting her ballot along with her mother, she's in the race regardless of what happens tonight. >> as long as you have a majority of americans saying give us a choice, i'm going to continue to fight i'm not going anywhere. i went to make sure we give americans a choice. >> haley is talking about electability asking voters to think about the polls will look like november if she were to face-off against president biden we see hypothetical matchups and haley supporters we met today say they direct pitch to them. >> we need some change for sure. we like the message of respect, we think that's been lost in the country today, certainly in politics and we feel that needs to come back and she's got the ability to do that, we believe that. >> is supported trump the last time, i just feel to be honest, the amount of damage the country has undergone under joe biden serving eight years because i
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believe it will take eight years to fix the damage done. >> the haley campaign based repeated questions and pressure from trump circuit urging her to drop out of the race but she says is not going to happen tonight. the candidate herself say is talk about super tuesday rolling out a new ad by as well as television from a they've got money to spend and they are ready to keep her name out there. we are listening in her speech to see if there's any hints based on what the results are not to be whether or not she may have any change of heart but we still have a few hours to go. >> mark meredith, who will watch tonight as numbers come in. thank you. more on today south carolina primary, south carolina congressman russell fry who serves on the house judiciary committee and he has endorsed former president trump so you probably heard the report earlier, the former president has not spent much time or money in south carolina. is that in some way, do you
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think a mistake? >> i think the president has spent a lot of time in south carolina. he's invested very early in the state from the grassroots perspective, he wanted to win the state, certainly understand the importance of south carolina, you do not get to the white house unless you win the south carolina primary. it's important to be here. governor haley spent a lot of time camp out in new hampshire but didn't invest the time to be here in the state you see that play out in the polling results today. >> if she had done so, do you think are numbers would be bigger? >> i think so if you look at the reports other muslim voters feel she has abandoned the state a little bit there is a feeling of where have you been? you have to invest in the grassroots, show up to things like party meetings and go to places so all eyes are on south carolina today but the early move by the trump orbit to come down to south carolina, hire
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staff and make sure they were engaged dissipating in parades and things, and couple that with this has always been fertile trump territory the state loves president trump and support him overwhelmingly in 2016 so it was an easy move for them and it's paying dividends today. >> quick turn attention to another big story in a southern state, georgia and the university about the murder of the university -- murder on the university of georgia campus, i guess i should say she was a university georgia student in her previous will career. this is an illegal immigrant arrested in that case. what is the message you think i should go to washington? >> fix the border. we see this is the latest and most heartbreaking case we've seen in a while but this is an everyday occurrence cities and towns across america. we know this president has taken
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52 executive actions to rollback accessible policies the trump administration, we know they've turned a blind eye to the border. when you have a court in the northern district the says biden administration created meanings line in the sand, nothing more than a speedbump, you know we have a problem we know what's going on how to fix it in this administration needs to get here is about fixing this problem. >> why does no one in the administration -- homeland security secretary openly bragged the border is under control. it doesn't seem that comports with reality. >> it's very 1984 of secretary mayorkas to say that, it's not true. democrats call for changes on the border, republic and circling for changes of the border and democrats who historically just a year ago forcing there was no problem are not recognizing the importance of what's going on.
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you have time 300 americans die every day from fentanyl, you have a tragic case in athens, georgia, the latest in this and we see, we know the law requires the detection of anyone who comes into the country and it's not happening. we don't catch and release is not working so get rid of it. there are so many wonderful things this administration can do right now to get a handle on this and they haven't which is frustrating, a large majority of the megan citizens. >> there are a number of observers who have said going after the home and security secretary mayorkas in the impeachment was maybe the wrong move, should have been directed at the president and vice president who after all, supposedly his border czar, what you think about that? >> one way we can solve this issue is to get rid of the worst home and security sec. with ever seen in one of the worst cabinet officials we've ever seen so the
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president is a culprit in this as well as the vice president but within his agency has seen the border broken so many ways, you go to yuma arizona and talk to the farmers and ranchers and families, talk to the people seeing this in real time on the ground, your reporter bill melugin has done great coverage, it's heartbreaking to see connecting every single community in our country and people are that up with it. >> lincoln riley dead, allegedly at the hands of a guy came across the border from venezuela said he would be persecuted or couldn't go back to venezuela because he would be persecuted there and that's why he wanted assignment in this country meanwhile he's arrested on murder charges, his brother is also facing charges for using a fake green card and a bunch of other things, what you say to
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riley's family? >> my heart breaks for her and her family, her friends. i think this tragedy shows the impact of what's going on on the border so while we read with her, we hate to see these things happen in our country there are a lot of people determined to fix this issue and make sure things like this do not happen. he got the case here for the guy claims asylum, 15% of people claim asylum are legitimate markets under trump and under obama so this process has been abused far too long and it's time to fix it and get it right for our country and citizens that live in these communities. >> it is an appalling case and the heart breaks for friends and family. congressman russell five, we appreciate you coming on. >> thank you, sir. >> more and more migrants are
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being released into the streets of southern california as overstretched shelters run out of money. ♪ >> hundreds upon hundreds of illegal immigrants delete to city streets in san diego today by border patrol after the break, who will tell you where some of them are from and where they are going here in the u.s. ♪
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as historic numbers of migrants continue to crash the borders the united states releasing hundreds of the after the counties migrant center ran out of money. at the same time we are learning the suspect in the killing of the georgia nursing student was caught illegally crossing the border in texas and later released into the not up to date. bill melugin live at the border in california. >> is wave of mass releases in san diego cost for couple of reasons. illegal crossings starting in san diego sector in recent weeks and months and number two, taxpayer-funded san diego county migrant shelter ran out of money a couple days ago and closed its doors. we will show you the results, look at this video, this is one of several border patrol buses,
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about eight of them by our count the pulled up and mass released hundreds of hundreds of city streets, all over the world. people from africa, china, the middle east, south america, you name it, we probably heard it. we didn't see any children or any families, there's an ngo offering free bus rides to the airport or other transit stations. they plan to go around the country. migrant declined those though, taxicabs pulling up nonstop. some migrants electing to get into the taxicabs, claimant and go off on their own. earlier the mayor of el cajon, a nearby city here came out and said he's been notified by the fed is city next week will be a drop off location. take a listen. >> they told us starting next week my city will be one of the drop off centers as well and since the federal government is not telling me anything and state government is not telling me, we will see what we are looking at.
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>> i san diego county supervisor tells fox news yesterday right here there were about 450 migrants released to the city streets and another 400 were released today. this is just the beginning. >> they put them on the streets and then what? are just supposed to find their own way? >> there is an ngo and volunteers or maybe with them, they put them on a private bus and take them to the airport or another trolley station and they travel around the country. handfuls of them the most cities we hear are new york, new jersey to chicago, denver, we for minneapolis, atlanta, every city they name has been a blue city or sanctuary city but they are getting assistance from volunteer groups and they plan to travel out of san diego immediately. >> i'm sure the mayor of new york will be eager to welcome them. all right, bill melugin, thank
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you, bill. georgia governor brian kemp pressing president biden on the migrant crisis after police charged the venezuelans migrant in the murder of a georgia nursing student. meantime promote the white house preparing to welcome dozens of governors joe black-tie dinner after president biden yesterday told him he might make changes in his border policy. lucas tomlinson live at the white house for us now. any response to governor kat? >> government kat is not here at the white house. so far, no response and the brutal murder of a young woman in georgia. we did hear from george's government posting strong statement on x earlier saying quote, lincoln riley's tragic death struck the heart of jordan's everywhere sparking national outrage. joe biden's failed policies turned every state into a border state. i'm demanding information from him to protect our people when the federal government want.
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here congresswoman claudia in the last hour. >> he's wrong, he doesn't have the votes on the republican side and many democrats fear if we don't do something on the border, they are going to have blood on their hands and this will be bad for their reel reelection. >> other republicans want to see joe biden reverse executive actions on his first day in office. you can see scrubbing the trump era border policies since biden took office, three times more migrants entered the united states and donald trump's entire four years in office. the governors will be here after suffering this evening, biden is expected to speak and he spoke to congress yesterday and no mention of executive actions. he blamed house republicans speaker for the chaos of the border. once again, governor brian kemp from georgia will not attend ni we learned moments ago the combined american british jets carried out a fourth round of airstrikes against police
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rebels. the first combine dry was january 11th. it's continued in the red sea, a british cargo ship was a most destroyed earlier this week and 18-mile oil scene from space. this over 30,000 tons of fertilizer on board causing environmental disaster in earlier uss mason shutdown a ballistic missile and earlier this week american cargo ship was hit by a missile and the crew had to be evacuated. >> lucas tomlinson, a lot of news out of the white house these days. thank you, lucas. the clock is ticking for voters in the south carolina primary, can nikki haley pull off the upset? a closer look at the gop race. ♪
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the polls close in about 90 minutes in south carolina republican presidential primary as former governor nikki haley battle former president donald trump. haley thousand not to leave the race even if she loses her home state to the gop front runner but her path is steep and rocky. chuck has the lead in the polls had the backing of south carolina's topper republicans including senator tim scott who nikki haley was appointed to the seat she was governor. let's bring in matt norman, senior advisor for senator scott's presidential run, now the vice president of targeted three of public affairs and digital marketing firm joins us now. you know tim scott well, a lot of people have lifted an eyebrow with that, he first got his seat because nikki haley appointed him but he is endorsing the former president. why? >> kino the endorsement itself but what i can tell you they worked together closely when trump was president and tim was
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in the senate. tim wrote the personal side of the tax form will that trump signed into law the work together and opportunity zones and is a lot of intermingling regardless because nikki worked for donald trump as well so at the end of the day, i wanted tim to be on the top of the ticket but he endorsed someone he was close with and a good relationship with. >> nikki haley says she will go on regardless of the results tonight, she's behind in the polls but said if there is a big turnout, that could help her, favor her, how do you see the tunnel tonight? >> about 600,000 voters have come to the state, a lot during covid ever since nikki left, a lot of them are higher income from a college degree and above so they could be right for the picking the still tell us public polling showing her down about 25 or so points so it would take a lot of folks because at the
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end of the day what i'm hearing from nikki tonight is what is the path forward? was the narrative she will win primaries and start getting in the delegate this is what she's going to do? >> you mentioned 600,000 people who moved to the state, closer people who know what it's like to have a president trump but they don't really know what was like to have a governor haley because she's been out of office for some time. >> that was something we look that, these folks have voted for tim scott and voted for trump at some time and get to vote for haley, they might be ideologically brief and client according to polling to someone like nikki haley but in terms of checking the box were south carolina voters, they haven't done that yet so she needs to appeal to those folks and probably more moderate kino she's looking forward to super
2:32 pm
tuesday, there's open primaries but at some time want a one-to-one magic, she's got hit the last couple times, she needs to win these. meet the press about a month ago and she needs to do better in south carolina, 11-point spread so a lot of voters needs to break her way. >> senator tim scott has made no secret of his religious faith and obviously is a state where religion is important, let's take a look at religious affiliations of south carolina voters, 78% are christian and catholic, historically black protestant you see, evangelical policy so that is a huge voting block will probably more significant than the military voting block, wouldn't you say?
2:33 pm
>> a huge component, charleston where tim is from from the holy city, churches there and you go up state and you have the bible belt so greenville and other areas, it's heavily evangelical and again when you have somebody like tim speaking openly about his faith, a personal related story to his fate, it can attract voters. if you run of the state of kat south carolina them out of the office, you need to have a compelling story about your faith in what you want for people in the faith community and that someone, something these evangelical voters will look for. >> you mentioned covid a little bit earlier one of the things that happened during covid was a lot churches shut down among forced by the government to close and i think a lot of people, a lot of those who worship are still feeling the sting, is that something you see
2:34 pm
candidate trump addressing? >> i could see that but also in the era that roe v. wade being essentially stricken, that's state-by-state folks dealing with that, south carolina was looking at a six week abortion ban we have to talk about that and the campaign as well so it's whether churches and how people practice faith in the church but also everyday life, those are something we need to talk to voters with across-the-board. >> let's take a look at the calendar down the road, nikki haley says she's going to keep pressing on regardless of what happens tonight and we don't yet know. the polls will close for about another 90 minutes or so but let's look ahead to super tuesday, march 5, that's got to be the day gets decided, 874 delegates are at stake that day.
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you get those 874 delegates, well past what you need to start securing the nomination. >> absolutely in some states like california, you have a certain threshold, you get all the delegate, is not proportional. the trump team has been organized the last couple of years working on local parties to make sure they felt they had an advantage going to these states but again it comes down to what i want to hear tonight is if you stay with nikki haley, where can you win? what is the path to win the nomination? we just hoping for something to happen with the court, maybe it's a path but she's facing one-on-one, one-on-one battles including the home state, where she can she start winning and this is a delicate game catching up to the president, former
2:36 pm
president in delegate. >> as i said, who will see what happens tonight, polls close at 7:00 p.m. and will have the results on fox news channel. matt gorman, thanks. >> thanks so much. >> private spacecraft laying on its side on the lunar surface after the country's first moon landing in more than 50 years. nasa which paid $118 million for the mission says the issue is hampering communications but the show will go on. christina coleman. >> the show goes on indeed. this spacecraft is tipped over on its side following his landing causing mitigation issues since in tennis for pointed toward the surface. this space mission is part of public-private partnership between nasa and american company intuitive machines. the company ceo said the spacecraft may have snapped the lake after coming in too fast but says it still has a lot of
2:37 pm
operational capability and he noted the remarkable deceleration of the spacecraft as it landed. >> phenomenal if you think about it, who are traveling 25000 miles an hour and we came down and touched down about miles an hour with the downrange traverse of about 2 miles an hour. walking speed. >> quite a reduction in speed. this is the first time america returned to the moon and more than half a century. it's also the first time a private business pulled off a moon landing. the spacecraft is intuitive machines robot lunar landing called odysseus and a touchdown in a region where nasa plans to send astronauts to search for water and other resources later this decade. you're looking at animation showing odysseus that finished a seven day journey to the lunar orbit and made a soft landing in
2:38 pm
the moon does the afternoon. it was a highly celebrated moment. >> we could confirm without about on the surface of the moon and we are transmitting so congratulations, team. we will see how much more we get from the. [applause] >> odysseus captured this view of a greater on the moon along with other cool images from space. nasa administrator bill nelson also proud of the mission, he says odysseus is caring nasa science instruments to a place no person or machine has gone before. the lunar south pole, thousand says it opens the door for voyages to send astronauts to the moon and onward to mars. exciting stuff. >> very exciting. [laughter] christina coleman, thank you. in georgia, the embattled fulton county district attorney willis disputing new cell phone data
2:39 pm
evidence filed by former president trump's attorneys yesterday. the filing alleges trump special prosecutor nathan wade visited willis neighborhood where the two dozen times before she hired him to leave the georgia election interference case. it contradicts previous testimony from wade and willis about their relationship. madeleine rivera explains the my former president trump team trying to prevent evidence raising new questions regarding the relationship between the relief prosecutors and georgia election interference case. they say cell phone data shows special prosecutor nathan wade made 35 visits to the area were fulton county district attorney was living in 2021. during his testimony last week, wade said he'd only been to her condo no more than ten times before she hired him to oversee the case in november of that year. >> if you think prior to november 1 of 2021 you at the condo more than ten times?
2:40 pm
>> no, sir. >> so less than ten times. >> esther. >> phone records reflect your making phone calls from the same location before november 1 of 2021 it was on multiple occasions will phone records were wrong? >> phone records like that, guess her. >> why the timeline is important is because willis and wade testified under oath their relationship began in 2022. legal experts say this could constitute as perjury of trump's attorneys can prove statements were untrue. trump and codefendants are working to disqualify willis they say benefited financially from hiring weight because of their personal relationship. willis is responding with her filings thing the records do not prove special prosecutor wade was ever at any particular location or address adding they do nothing nor and demonstrate the telephone was located
2:41 pm
somewhere within a densely populated radius various residents and restaurants and bars and nightclubs and other businesses are located. the residing judge set a hearing for march 1 on the case. >> thousands take to the streets worldwide calling for an end to the war in ukraine. two years to the day after russia's invasion, live report from kyiv next. ♪
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in south carolina voters had just over an hour to cast their ballots in the race for the states republican primary. the states former governor nikki haley is the only gop rival silk challenging former president donald trump. fifty delegates today, trump has
2:46 pm
earned 63 delegates in his primary wins. haley has 17. south carolina host an open primary meaning democrats who did not vote in their primary earlier this month are eligible to vote today. also today marks two years since russia began its brutal invasion of ukraine. according to the united nations, more than 10000 ukrainian civilians have been killed including almost 600 children ukrainians are still pleading with the west for more aid and promising to fight until the very end. rallies across the u.s. showing support for that war torn country. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg is live in kyiv right now. >> you are right, two years russia invaded ukraine shock waves are still being felt. tanks rolling shortly after the missile struck across the country. russian been around the capital but have hung on and then some making inroads along along front line.
2:47 pm
those in the thick of it, former boxer, here is how he feels about potential wartime failure. >> failure is not an option because it's a question of future of our country and our children, who want to the democratic world. >> joined by other western leaders to lay flowers at a memorial, his words, we are 730 days closer to many even as he was military aid remains stuck on capitol hill. others also paid respects. take a look and listen. >> each of these flights represent someone killed in the fighting the last two years and ukraine and each of these individuals, some hoping the fighting will and. >> to be honest it's hard because any of my friends died, many of my friends come to another country.
2:48 pm
>> i speak russia care and that. >> i pray every day and i think you will help us. >> that's what the young lady said, to ukraine the war started and we've never seen it so somber. people are looking for hope, a way out. next reporting live from, thank you, greg. here are other headlines from around the globe. it is really striking and killing eight people. the research calling for an immediate humanitarian fire. ♪ in england, soldiers detonated a bomb from world war ii.
2:49 pm
a bomb earlier this week regarding. ♪ /russia, orthodox churches and memory of opposition leader navalny. authorities returned his body to his mother more than a week after he died in prison. it is unclear whether navalny will receive a public funeral. ♪ in southern spain, ten people are dead after a fire tore through two apartment complexes, tom peters say the fire displaced multiple ukrainian refugees. in paris, dozens of angry farmers interrupted french president macron's visit to a major form fair, the latest in a series of protests against environmental regulations and produce imports. ♪ in taiwan, thousands of lanterns are being released at the lantern festival. each one inscribed with a wish for the lunar new year. ♪ as a look at some toys from
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around the globe. ♪ you might've heard of florida man and the jokes that go with him are you ready for the first annual florida man named? details on this one-of-a-kind event next. ♪
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democrats agree. conservative republican steve garvey is the wrong choice for the senate.
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...our republican opponent here on this stage has voted for donald trump twice. mr. garvey, you voted for him twice... as your own man, what is your decision? garvey is wrong for california. but garvey's surging in the polls. fox news says garvey would be a boost to republican control of the senate. stop garvey. adam schiff for senate. i'm adam schiff, and i approve this message.
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first ever florida man games are taking place this weekend. contestants reportedly have been training for months to embrace the sunshine states reputation for bizarre stories that usually involve the law. events include evading arrest obstacle course along wrestling over beer and the mechanical gator ride. another major storm system will move across the u.s. the coming week bringing heavy rain, gusty winds and snow showers from the pacific northwest to new england. boxes meteorologist caught has a look at the forecast. >> training for months, i love that story. you can't train for months, they been training their entire lives, can't help it, you are in florida man. as we are looking at, quiet for now, he talked about a couple of storm systems you're paying attention to, we are seeing them
2:55 pm
sweep across the southeast, still lingering showers from virginia stretching down to the carolinas and south carolina, obviously this was never severe for the book are public storms throughout the day and those will and are in the evening hours before clearing out. he looked at the forecast across the country and you notice highlighting right in the middle of the country will around the midwest, in the northeast but there's warm air pulling up in the center of the country what that's going to become a big stories the next couple days. there are 150 million people above average as far as temperatures go tomorrow but by the time you get to tuesday, were talking 2,150,000,000 americans with temperatures above average so ultimately way above average for these areas these are expected potential record warm lows, the overnight temperature so that means it will be mild, over 200 communities expected to see such mild temperatures that they will be record warm the next several
2:56 pm
days and a lot of folks will be getting in on this, one of the big stories so tomorrow taking you into monday, you see it gets cooler west coast but monday into tuesday, really warm air continuing to drift off toward the east. this is the next storm system popping up along the frontal boundary but it will feel springlike for a lot of folks here in the week ahead. >> i think there is a lot of growth going to be played. >> i think you're right. >> springtime will dust off the clubs. adam klotz, thank you. we will have more coverage of the south carolina primary, polls are set to close in a little over an hour. sandra smith joined me next with the latest on the state of the race as a former president donald trump takes on the former governor nikki haley. ♪
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we are following two big stories to the murder of a georgia nursing student the final hour of open poles in south carolina's republic and primary. good evening i am jon scott welcome back to a special two hour addition of the fox report. ♪ the investigation is still underway in the killing of a 22-year-old georgia nursing student. sources tell foxes the suspect arrested is an illegal immigrant from venezuela who is caught crossing the border in 2022 and later released into the united states. meantime a live look at polling station and charleston, south carolina work voters are casting their ballots. they have about an hour left. pulled it over president trump with a comfortable lead looking for his fourth straight win
3:02 pm
nikki haley is trying to convince voters who elected a governor twice that she is the best candidate to take on president biden in november. fox team coverage now alexandria hoff it trump hot primary hackers mark meredith with live updates from the haley campaign former congressman sean duffy joins us with his analysis. first america reports coat and kurt sandra smith joins us with voter analysis under u.s. bank casting ballots today big trucks great to kick things off with you. it is going to be our first look right now at the top fighting summer fox news voter analysis election survey and south carolina conduct with the associated press in and roc at e university of chicago. as we dig into some of the data first up some the issues on the ground for gop voters in the palmetto state. we always afford to this once again what we are saying we saw in iowa and new hampshire. it is all about immigration followed by the economy very similar to what we heard from
3:03 pm
voters in the previous two states. now, let's look at some favorable ratings and soothe the reeread is on the ground there n south carolina we ask voters how they feel about the candidates. some seven in 10, 69% say they have a positive view of former president donald trump. nearly as many, 63% feel that way about south carolina possible vice presidential pick tim scott. and, as you can see is a semi sweet homecoming for nikki haley is just half of republicans in her home state sate they view her favorably. that's higher than senator lindsey graham's 41%. and, while most of you trump positively as a person many do say they see him as t to extreme this was another question that would put to voters on the ground there. some 44% of south carolina republicans say they are worried trump us to out there to win in november.
3:04 pm
now look at nikki haley's numbers for the same question on whether or not she is too extreme. fewer, one third are worried about her being too extreme. next up we asked voters what better describes their vote? this is a key question we put to voters on the ground. is it more -- are they more for their candidate or against the other? interesting question. it all depends almost all of tromso voters say they are voting for him. only 9% say it is against nikki haley but it is a different story among nikki haley voters and what we are seeing there. while a 57% majority say they are voting for her, 43% say they are motivated to cast their vote against donald trump and by the way a new group we have today is the service members part one third of south carolina republicans live in a military
3:05 pm
household after donald trump mocked haley about her husband who is currently deployed missing from the campaign i am looking forward to seeing that vote among veterans we will have that for you next, jon back to you correct you mentioned immigration is a top issue so what are people sing about it? rex look at this. almost all of south carolina gop voters say they favor building a wall along the u.s./mexico border. including the 70% said they strongly favorite it's really interesting thing we are watching. i'm sorry 85% said they favor 15% said they oppose you are looking about one in 10 as far as the economicsi want to highll another data point we are seeing. we look at this in iowa and new hampshire on families financial situations. look at this only one in 10 in calc self-care line and say they feel they're getting it
3:06 pm
financially. almost all palmetto state republicans say they are either holding steady, 59% are falling behind financially that is almost one third of voters. that is something we definitely want to watch as we continue on in the primary season back to you will have more for you soon. rex interesting usually in a presidential election year the economy is the number one issue there in south carolina you say the immigration situation is number one and economies in second place. >> this is obviously really important finding we set saw and new hampshire as well as iowa when it comes to national priorities. not only is immigration top of the list 45%'s most pressing issue facing today it's fair to say almost a distant second with 30% sing that is the case and then a look at this foreign policy although down in the single digits. it is just 7% feel that is the most pressing issue facing the country today will have more for you soon progresso billing for more reporting from you throughout the evening. sandra smith thank you.
3:07 pm
for more on this let's bring in sean topic cohost of the bottom line on foxbusiness former wisconsin congressman. what do you think about that? 45% of south carolina voters say immigration is her number one issue is that peculiar to south carolina or do you think that is the feeling nationally? >> i think we seen it nationally. whether it's her home community across the country as a whole when you have roughly 10 million new people come in the country over the last three years that has disrupted people's way of life we were covering the story earlier but the young woman down in georgia who was killed by an illegal migrant we have seen in new york city multiple shootings by migrants as well. two things are at play here. one copy of an economic issue with competition for labor stress at the low end for migrants making it harder for wages to rise and keep up with inflation. but number two, that the safety and security that comes in to voters as well americans are
3:08 pm
oopenhearted they want to see immigration in the country but 10 million people rose not been in eight betting on top of the money it migrants have received that really concerns voters but also jon, on the economy. so many people sandra pointed out feel like they're falling behind or just treading water if you look at other polling it will also say joe biden's policies i've made the economy worse orton joe biden has not helped with the economy think the numbers and pulling them off the top of my head around 70%. show biden is not getting any of the column that's a bad place to be going into an open election. text fascinated under president biden we have lost thousands of military members who did not want to get the covid vaccinations. but we have no idea the vaccination status of these 10 million people live and let into the country.
3:09 pm
>> is just another example of hypocrisy. you are right. these are patriotic men and women who volunteered to se serve.they had the freedom to choose what they put in their body for joe biden said no, it kicks them out. millions of people cross the southern part of the vaccination status again, why is it good for americans but not good for migrants? that is a question a lot of people asked there is no administration good answer for it. jon: the administration explained the situation of the border on congress and in particular republicans in congress. how would you answer that? >> i would say joe biden was one of our compromise bill at the compromise because republicans on border security joe biden once open borders. when you are into opposite position to come together to compromise? this was not a border security bill this was a migration bill. you are going to allow 5000 people a day to come into the country that is not border security.
3:10 pm
i think republicans especially in the house or standing up against this bill that was being negotiated in the senate. well before donald trump came into play but, you do not to hamstring a future president to secure the border should donald trump win he wants the same tools he had back in 17, 18 and 19 to secure the border if you take those away this will be a perpetual problem so again i think every fair-minded american looks at joe biden says you had over 90 executive orders that open up the border rolling back what donald trump had done. and so you are the one who has wanted an open port you created the crisis republicans want secure border they passed hr to a border security bill joe biden democrats said no one last point on that democrats when joe biden has been talking about an executive order to do with immigration in the state of the union, democrats have been howling they do not want to secure the border we have to recognize that and democrats have to be honest about the wish of a national debate about it
3:11 pm
and frankly if we have other things are going to lose, democrats will. jon: sean duffy good to talk to you thanks. >> you to jon scott. >> programming don't be sure to get bret baier and martha maccallum with a democracy 2024 coverage of the south kelowna public and the republican primaries should say that's coming up next are 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. jon: fox news alert a man accused of killing a georgia nursing student was in court today. storrs is now confirmed to fox news josé is a venezuelan migrants who entered the country illegally and was later released into the u.s. on the biden administration border policies. it is now charged with felony murder among several other charges. meantime, san diego has just released a large group of illegal immigrants as it could no longer afford to hold in house and let's go live to bill
3:12 pm
melugin near the border in california, bill. >> for heaving to you for multiple chs and ice sources confirm the suspect charge in the murder of nursing student lincoln riley on the university of georgia campus is in fact a venezuelan national across the southern border illegally in september of 2022 cross into el paso, was apprehended by border patrol, transferred to ice and release into the u.s. via parole. more details on that as we got them. in the meantime you mention the mass releases take a look the video today we have had several hundred migrants just street released by border patrol part of san diego they are adults from all around the world we've seen the men from china, men from georgia, men from the middle east, from after, from peru, central and south america they're coming from all over the place. take a listen to where they are going.
3:13 pm
>> new york. atlanta. >> new jersey peacock chicago. >> some of those migrants deciding not to take up the ngo with their offer of a bus instead they're getting into taxis and pulled up here. those migrants free to go wherever they want in the country after they have been released from dhs custody the mayor of the nearby city was out here and he is not happy with what he is seeing but he has been notified by the feds his city will be up next, next week for the massive drop-offs. take a listen. >> i have been against opening our borders. this is going to be a disaster of epic proportions of the humanitarian crisis appeared is also a law and order crisis. there's a lot to be concerned about this also and i national security crisis. so far we have had about 400 migrants released in the spot today we had about 450 yesterday for their still ngo on scene
3:14 pm
waiting to welcome the drop-offs we are told another one might be coming within the next 45 minutes or so. we will send it back to you. jon: the center that was housing these migrants is taxpayer-funded. they ran out of money. >> yes it is allocated about 3 million they send up spending about $6 million of taxpayer money and still felt it was still not enough. and jon, now we see the results a big surge of crossings in san diego sector the migrant children to shut down. and now the rink mass released by the hundreds to the city streets here. jon: well, bill thanks. georgia governor brian kemp pressing president biden on the migrant crisis after police charge that venezuelan migrant in the murder of georgia nurses student lincoln riley. meantime the white house is preparing to welcome dozens of governors to the black-tie dinner at the present biden yesterday told them he might change his border policy lucas
3:15 pm
tomlinson. >> georgia governor brian kemp is not one of the nearly three dozen governors to his no reaction to the brutal murder of the young woman in georgia. we did hear from georges governor brian kemp and a strong statement saying quote your actions and those of your administration have resulted in every state in the country experiencing the disastrous impacts of an unsecured u.s. southern border. within 9 million illegal immigrants have cross the border since you took office. here's senator lindsey graham earlier. >> was in custody and he was released spray straight what yol the family? >> what is present biden tell the family. we've been talking about for two years. 8 million people send me too milme2 million people come acror border illegally during the biden presidency and this young lady died for no good reason.
3:16 pm
>> sheet died in because of a failed policy? >> republicans want to see joe biden reverses executive actions he signed on his first in office. scrapping the trump air border r policies since president biden took office three times more migrants have entered the united states than donald trump's entire four years in office. the governors will be having supper this evening at the white house. he made no mention of any potential executive actions he might take he blamed house republicans for the cats on the border we also have reaction from claudia tenney. >> every republican i have talked to talk to republican colleagues, they are the boats on that floor to pass that bill. lexi is wrong he doesn't have the votes on the republican side many of the democrats fear that if we don't do something on the border they are going to blot on their hands and this is going to be bad for the reelection. >> a tonight u.s. and british forces have launched a fourth round of air s airstrikes againt those iranian backed houthis
3:17 pm
rebels in yemen it's notable tonight strikes were the smallest of the four, 18 targets at the first round of strikes back on generate 11 there were 60 targets at the british launched tornado strike aircraft from cyprus and the mediterranean u.s. launched super hornet chats off the deck of the uss dwight d eisenhower. now u.s. forces can launch tomahawk cruise missiles guided missile destroyers and cruisers, british forces do not have that ability no royal navy has the ability to launch land attack missiles from any other ships. >> alright lucas tomlinson at the white house, lucas thanks. on less than 45 minutes, pulls like this one and charleston, south carolina will close. we will check in with the trump and hali campaigns as we get closer to getting results tonight. earning on that éclair.
3:18 pm
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♪ ♪ 36 in less than 40 minutes ago until the polls close in the south carolina publican primary. former president donald trump former south kelowna governor nikki haley are fighting for 50 delegates in this winner take all states. will check out the two campaigns coming up.
3:22 pm
meantime, nypd still searching for more than a dozen suspects involved in two separate brawls in times square thursday. some of the suspects in the first attack, mostly teens are charged with getting assault after a 17 year old migrant boy was stabbed in the back. cb cotton is live in our new york city newsroom with the latest on that. >> hi jon, these two crimes of the latest of what is been a violent month and one of the busiest tourist destinations in the entire world, times square investigators tell us around 5:30 p.m. thursday evening at migrant teen wasn't chased by a large group of people before he was stabbed in the back protect look at that blade t thousand knife officers recovered at the scene. the migrant team is expected to be okay. 214 -year-olds, 316 -year-olds and an adult man had all been charged read some of the teen suspects are reported late migrants. nypd is still looking for 16 more people. one witness described the chaos.
3:23 pm
>> i saw a guy coming and the cops tried to help him. i talked to him and it's dangerous. some people are just crazy. some people. [inaudible] request to ours at the stabbing on thursday evening about a block away a 28-year-old man was a punched and kicked in the head after getting into an argument with a group of people. he too is expected to recover. according to local reports this victim is from new york city. jude 14 -year-olds and a 16-year-old have been arrested by detectives in this case are still looking for two more people. now, two weeks ago police say a 15-year-old migrant who arrived in the country less than six months ago was shoplifting and then shot a tourist in the leg after opening fire on a retail security guard, officers who tried to stop him. times square has become a backdrop for a series of violent incidents so far this year.
3:24 pm
retired inspector believes this is a trend which shows no signs of slowing down. >> why there are so many events have had here new york city not a day goes by we don't see reporting of the gangs operating in and around times square. committing some new outrage including shooting at the police unfortunately missing otherwise it would've had a much worse story. >> jon, you may also remember to nypd officers were assaulted in times square late last month several migrant men have been charged in that case and are currently in custody awaiting their next court dates. >> aall right, cb cotton thanks. about 36 more minutes until polls close in south carolina. former president trump on his way to the state capitol of columbia to watch the results come in while nikki haley is looking for an upset in her home state. our coverage continues right after this.
3:25 pm
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jon: the polls close at the top of the r32 minutes away in south carolina. where former president trump is expecting a big win over former governor nikki haley and her home state. he'll be watching results in the state's capitol city, columbia that is where alexandria hoff is standing by at live for us. alexandria? >> good to be with you pretty former president is expecting a very big victorious at nights and is headed back becker to coa the state capitol of the room is filling up at his watch party where he will be at, it is a joyous feeling inside of this or bare because people are confidet unlike most elections for the former president did not spend most of his day here in south carolina. he was in washington d.c. for most of it. as a matter of fact of the past two weeks he has spent a fraction of time and money we are in south carolina compared ihis competitor per polls have indicated he hasn't needed it immoral to come into a consistent double-digit lead
3:30 pm
holding a get out and vote in rock hill the former president is looking to win by a wide margin. that is his focus today spoke to tse pak where he made remarks. he also made it clear he has a focus has shifted to the general election not mentioning nikki haley once. >> it's you and the people you have to be. we will deliver a reckoning like they have not imagined before. were going to bring our country back for hard-working americans november 5 we will be our new liberation day. >> in the chair of the south kelowna gop said he feels a record could be broken in terms of turnout in the state turnout was low for democrats earlier this month the party has condemned calls for democrats to come out and vote against trump today which they are allowed to divert south carolina governor henry mcmaster was asked today to datethe state should change t and holds an open primary.
3:31 pm
>> in recent years have been suggestions there'd be large turnout for democrats that want to come in and cause mischief. but it never has really materialized but will see if it materializes. >> we will see what the turnout is today and if they can tell who is necessarily voting in this last night trump address the black conservative federation in columbia where it's going to return back to columbia shortly for the trump campaign believes that within two and half or three at half weeks trump will have earned enough delegates to secure the nomination. they're so confident hasn't mattered that he has not been at this whole time. and we talk to voters who said it doesn't matter to them either. >> alexandria hoff, alex thank you. jon: nikki haley's campaign admits it is facing an uphill battle in today's south carolina primary she says she will stay in the race regardless of the
3:32 pm
results in her home state. mamark meredith live in charlesn for us. >> jon, good evening to nikki haley's campaign is spent so much of this week focusing and not only am trying to get out the vote but also manage expectations going to tonight's primary. south carolina is nikki haley's home state we talked to the pundits and others here in the state they also realize former president trump likely the front runner going into tonight's contest right now, nikki haley's made it very clear she is going to stay in this raised well past what happens tonight campaign already getting for stops in michigan as early as tomorrow but today we sought nikki haley take questions from the reporters, once again you're asking whether not she wants to stay in this race if there is a path to victory here is what she had to say earlier today. >> as long as you have a majority of americans saying please give us a choice, i'm going to continue to fight i am not going anywhere but i'm going to make sure we give americans a choice. >> haley is increasingly asking
3:33 pm
voters to think about electability she's been touting the polls which show are doing pretty well against president biden and a hypothetical matchup. we spoke to haley supported today right after they voted and they said they simply like her appeal to voters. >> just her passion and her love her people and just for her country. and again regardless of what party we vote for. it really hit home for me. were all responsible for the things going on in this world. >> had a chance to speak with haley's campaign manager a few moments ago she said she was feeling good about today is very important for haley to go get a chance to vote with her mother, how special that was. this ballroom is quiet right now that will be changing once the polls close we expect a few hundred people they're looking for a party tonight looking for results to come in. jon: will have those results as soon as they are in. mark meredith, mark thank you.
3:34 pm
>> that only target republicans, i also get independence who are coming back to the republican party. removing conservative democrats over to the republican party vethat is will be what we want o expand our intense in the party as opposed to what donald trump is doing saying anybody who supports me is barred permanently from makkah. if you are running for president you do not shun people out of your club. you bring people and because our policies are the best policies to lift up everyone. that's i'm going to continue to do is try to bring marple into our party but not push them out. >> sets former governor of south carolina on the front runner that she trailed in her home state by double digits and most of polls going into the primary today. let's bring in caroline, trump 2024 national press secretary. how do you answer what nikki haley has to say there? that she has broader appeal she says then the former president? >> it is absolutely false and it is nonsense.
3:35 pm
obviously voters are not listening but nikki haley is lost every single state in nearly every single county she has competed in, and this are public and primary. that is deafly not going to change tonight per she is due for big loss in her own backyard here south carolina. and as for president trump he's never been in a stronger position to win he is pulling by more than double digits with independence over joe biden he's beating a joe biden in nearly every head-to-head general election match up he's winning hispanic american he's earth shattering gauge of african-americans across this country that's exactly why starting tomorrow we will take our focus away from nikki haley who just not have a chance at becoming the president of the united states we are going to focus on a real opponent and that is joe biden the radical democrats who are destroying this country. jon: she says no matter what happens in south carolina she will stay in the race. your response? >> that is because she is acting more like a democrat than a republican but her campaign is now funded by big democrat donors for the very same who are
3:36 pm
finding some the political persecution and witchhunts that we see being waged against president trump right now. nikki haley is delusional. voters are not listening to her and we won't either. and again she's going to lose in her own backyard tonight. the people here know her bassford president trump has received nearly every endorsement from the state delegation here in south carolina but he is leading in the polls we are confident in a tremendous victory but it's because south trail trillin is o nikki haley very well. then she is a turncoat, she promised them she would not raise o her taxes. shields we did that. he knows she is weak on the number one issue in this nation right now. that is illegal immigration paid president trump secured the border before he rebuilt our economy did that again voters trust him on the issue and they don't trust herbert. >> there are some thorny days ahead for your candidate. he's got legal troubles that are intermingled with some of the big events like super tuesday on march 5.
3:37 pm
how does he propose to continue running for president what he is being bombarded with some of these legal entanglements. >> i'm glad you brought up the timing of these legal witchhunts. because they are on purpose but all of these cases to share a few similarities. one is all being waged by far left partisan democrats who are abusing our legal justice system to interfere in this next election because president trump serves as a great statute joe biden his administration the second similarity in all of these cases as they are happening and now in the midst of the presidential election you just mention the president will have to be in court after super tuesday that's exactly the democrats want they want him in the courtroom, not on the campaign job because when he is on the campaign trail, like he has been, voters understand he is the candidate and the leader we need to make this country great again. he has a winning message of bringing back peace around this world but of securing our southern border. every building our military and
3:38 pm
our economy. that is a winning message voters love to hear the democrats do not want voters to hear that and they are protecting joe biden who is the weakest muster a president in our nation's history. >> and a great amount of democrats who think joe biden should not be the democratic nominee. do you foresee the possibility of a donald trump taking on someone like gavin newsom for instance? >> we will have to see what the democrats decided right obviously joe biden is very weak as you mentioned. he does not have a base. democrats of than his own party late nearly 80% wish that other option on the ballots. joe biden clearly does not have the mental cognitive ability to lead this great country. every time he speaks he stumbles over his own words he trips up the stairs of air force one he embarrasses our nation on the world stage and they're taking advantage of us because of it. at the end of the dad doesn't matter who we face in november because this is the democrat agenda. you see democrat lawlessness and democrat run cities across this
3:39 pm
nation. athens, georgia is a sanctuary city. just killed a 22-year-old woman who was jogging on a college campus. that's democrat open border policies and democrat century city policies. president trump on the republican parties at message have securing the border of rebuilding the military providing peace and prosperity is eight winning why no matter who we face for joe biden is most definitely a liability for the democrats and they know it and they are panicking. that is why they are doing every thing they can to attack president trump and. jon: the press secretary for the trump 2024 campaign, carolina thank you. >> thanks jon. jon: about 20 minutes to ago now until the polls close in the south carolina public and primary but our political panel joins us with what to expect,e nextre. hm? you! your business bank account with quickbooks money, now earns 5% apy. 5% apy? that's new!
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jon: the polls close at the top of the hour and and south cars republican presidential primary. former president donald trump is swept to the early stages of the race for the gop nomination so far. including decisive wins in iowa, new hampshire, and nevada. will he score the landslide win his team expects in south carolina? for what will the foremost governor they are, nikki haley's home state throw her campaign a desperately needed a lifeline question let's bring in our panel south carolina based republican strategist south carolina party chairman match up more, thanks both of you for being here. to you at first. you are the strategist, nikki haley was a popular governor. elected and reelected twice. why is she struggling for traction in her home state?
3:45 pm
running a someone who has not been front of the voters in south carolina she left in 2017. we have close half a million since she was a governor for they don't know her. she has no history with them. a lot of those people are folks aren't blue states have come to a red state. and so she is really having to run -- she's having to re- introduce yourself to voters and introduce herself to voters. when someone has a hole on the republican party like donald trump does that is very difficult. jon: and matt, a lot of the voters of chip's right a lot of those voters came from blue states might be blue voters. democrat primary in south carolina was not a big affair only 160,000 or so votes cast. why? >> our research shows most people coming from blue states
3:46 pm
and republicans. nikki is a friend and great person she has read a good textbook campaign but it's like she's running in a different universe in donald trump. she was a respective governor but trump is a beloved president it's about half a million people here are new since she was last on the bout it's been a very long time she somewhat disconnected from the grassroots of the party but i hear most of the grassroots activists it's right about joe biden's age is frailty. i saw the terrible nude they're verysick and tired of it. you miss from a president trump not far behind 277 biden is 81 for your different we should not
3:47 pm
be electing octogenarian or near octogenarian presidents. what do you say to that. >> the problem is the exit polls today show this is one of the oldest out lecture and sever votes after l letter primary. something like 60% of voters are over 60 they know and trust president trump elixi ... againe majority of the votes senator lindsey graham stand behind him and they see trump of someone who's going to fight, win, lose or draw. and that really defines the trump era and that is what has changed the most in the past 10 years since ambassador haley was governor. >> chip, the polls in the polls will be all over the map. but the polls earlier this week show former president trump up anywhere from 28 -- 36 points. if nikki haley cuts into that, there aren't many people who seem to think she can win it tonight if she comes within 15
3:48 pm
points to compel the campaign? >> agency one pole and showed 23 points down. she cuts this to 15 there will be a lot of people really surprised and i think it will be a win for her in that regard. with the perception and momentum standpoint. that's a real boost to her. being pretty clear about that if she cuts it to 20 that's still better than 30. but at what point is enough enough? i think it will be after super tuesday before anybody can get her to get her to step away. see success of the fundraising dry up if you don't perform wellin your home state? >> i would remind you a couple of weeks ago when it president trump did an attack if you will and dared people to give her
3:49 pm
money she raised $16 million. perhaps the former presidents will be angry she doesn't automatically give out and give her fuel for fundraising. jon: what about democrat voters? her campaign or organizations that are allied with her campaign have been openly appealing to democrats who did not vote in the democrat primary to vote for her in this one because it is an open primary state. is that going to have an effect, do you think? >> i have seen those taxa flying around there is no case study generate more than four -- 5%'s. in gop primary to the prior point that only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades as they say. that is the reality of this race appeared for all the money is st to bite numerous candidates including tim scott who i supported for president that has not mattered for this were the
3:50 pm
first elections i have ever seen the front runner donald trump is not running single tv ad and is thatup by 20 points it says it . >> chip and matt good discussion, thank you. >> thank you. jon: programming note when the polls close in just about 10 minutes or so, bret baier and mamartha maccallum began anchorg tonight's special democracy 2024 coverage of south carolina primary results. that's coming up 7:00 p.m. eastern here on fox news channel. and we will be right back with more fox report.
3:51 pm
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jon: less than 10 minutes now until the polls close across south carolina we begin to see where the battle between donald trump and nikki haley goes next. early polling suggests the former president will easily beat out the former south carolina governor. her campaign has promised to continue even if she loses in her home states. meantime, u.s. and uk today launched more strikes on yemen's iran backed hoodies who have kept up their attacks on commercial shipping in the red seas. all this has uss eisenhower carrier strike group finding itself playing front line
3:55 pm
defense. mike tobin went aboard to get a firsthand look on how sailors and pilots are protecting the maritime trade. >> f-18 super hornet launching from dwight d eisenhower in the red sea. for the first time in decades u.s. carrier strike group operates from the center of the threats while houthis fire on cargo ships and u.s. warships. >> we are in constant self-defense out here when it comes to threats that can be shot at us. >> still, fighters go on the offensive with the goal of degrading the houthis ability. >> by targeting their ability to cs the air surveillance radar and now are were primarily focused on military capabilities. >> every launch off of this it carrier is eight launch into combat. what these sailors and pilots cannot do is get comfortable. because the houthis, despite u.s. contracts have gotten more
3:56 pm
bold and there is no room for error. >> the wounded british ship ruby shows the houthis are not discouraged. they are escalating with drones, even ballistic missiles. always the right uss philippine sea is the se sentinel for the strike group. with sailors on watch to detect and respond in seconds to the deadly threats. >> it just depends what the threat is and what is coming at us we have to react in self-defense. what's what he ready for? >> anything they can throw our way. >> late saturday afternoon ballistic antiship missile was fired from houthis -controlled d yemen the likely target was u.s. a flagged oil tanker. sailors on board the uss mason shot out of the sky at no one was injured, back to you. >> mike tobin reporting, thank you. we will be right back. good thing gertrude found delsym. now what's going around is 12-hour cough relief.
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the polls are just about to close and south carolina republican primary, 50 delegates at stake, who will be watching as a result coming. that's how fox reports this saturday, the 24th of february, 2024. i am jon scott, thank you for joining us for our our program. bret baier and martha maccallum coverage right now. ♪ >> the showdowin


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